Margarida Ferreira

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  GHC 6213, CMU

  328A, INESC-ID

I am a 1st year Computer Science PhD Student at Carnegie Mellon University and Instituto Superior Técnico, advised by Professor Inês Lynce and Professor Ruben Martins. I am part of CMU Portugal's Dual Degree PhD Program. I am an early-stage researcher at the Automated Reasoning and Software Reliability group at INESC-ID.

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Counterfeiting Congestion Control Algorithms

Margarida Ferreira, Akshay Narayan, Inês Lynce, Ruben Martins, Justine Sherry
HotNets 2021

FOREST: An Interactive Multi-tree Synthesizer for Regular Expressions

Margarida Ferreira, Miguel Terra-Neves, Miguel Ventura, Inês Lynce, Ruben Martins
TACAS 2021

Satisfying Cooperative Path-Finding

Margarida Ferreira, Inês Lynce
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, New Talents in Artificial Intelligence, 2018